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November 26, 2019

Taking an Intentional Approach to Your Holiday Season

It’s that time of the year and it’s easy to get caught up in the hussle & bussle of the holidays and lose touch with how you would REALLY like to experience them.  And for some people, this will be their first holiday season without important loved ones in attendance.  As a gift to you this holiday season, we offer some questions to consider (Omega clients will find them to be quite familiar as we ask them each year!) as you prepare for whichever holidays you celebrate…

1)  What needs to be protected, maintained, treated as sacred this holiday season?  (Could be traditions, how/where holidays are celebrated/what’s expected of holiday participants)

2) What needs to be let go of, or needs to be changed this year?  (Perhaps outdated traditions, uncomfortable scenarios, unrealistic expectations - maybe you’re not up to it this year)

3) What new needs to be created this holiday season?  (Maybe it’s time for a different approach to celebrating, gift-giving, and supporting each other this holiday season. What would be fun and easier, and align with where you are NOW?)

Taking the time to be intentional about the experience that you want (or don’t want) to have can make a big difference in how you navigate the holidays this year.  For those who have undergone a big change in their lives, managing expectations can also be important with family members and friends.  Perhaps your financial circumstance is not the same anymore and it will be important to alter gift expectations or even the standard traditions of the family.  If you are an Omega client who is navigating a major change to your holidays, feel free to reach out so that we can talk through how you might work through the inner and external expectations and also just think through how you want to “show up” this holiday season.  We encourage authenticity around the real emotions that can come with major life changes.

May you find peace and authentic happiness this holiday season!





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